The TeslaTech Cloud Archiver and CAN Recorder
Model S & X Data Logging Tools

TeslaTech Cloud Archiver

The TeslaTech Cloud Archiver is a small gadget which autonomously and continuously records all available data from your car to the Cloud. You can view the recorded data in interactive graphs and tables.
No computer to keep on, no software to install, no public servers.

TeslaTech Energy Meter

Add one or more energy meters to increase accurancy. Keep track of the energy use of your house, solar panels and car.
Enable Smart Charging.

TeslaTech CAN Recorder

View acceleration graphs and detailed battery information. Get RPM, Torque and Power meters on your cars screen.
Get most TeslaTech Cloud Archiver functions without your Tesla login and password.

TeslaTech Smart Charger

The TeslaTech Smart Wall Charger automatically adapts the charging current to the available solar or grid power. It includes a fixed 6 meter charging cable.
It can charge up to two cars and multiple chargers can work together.

Check all Logs in Interactive Graphs

Overview of all Charging Sessions

History of all your Drives

Energy Use of your House and Car